Mittwoch, 6. August 2008

Wedding Band Requests

Dear Bandleader thank you for your letter. I really do think you have an attitude problem and do want a few requests played if you don't mind. What me and my wife were thinking was:

Any Keith Jarrett composition from his solo series. Please arrange for full ensemble and nothingin 4/4 please.

Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dance of the Maya and please have the guitar player play John Mcglaughlin's solo from the live performance Nov. 16, 1972 at Chrysler Arena. My wife and I were at that show and particularly liked his use of polyrhythmics. If you find it too difficult you can leave out the feedback. Your choice.

John Coltrane's duets with Pharaoh Sanders. I understand that their use of atonality is not everyone's cup of tea, but my guests are usually fond of high register tenor saxes.

We thought a little Stravinsky would be nice. We particularly like the Rite of Spring. If you want to use the sheet music it's OK. My husband likes it about 1/4 note = 93 beats per minute.

Then for the candle lighting ceremony, please learn Frank Zappa's "The Great Wazoo". If you want to play it in the originally B flat, that would be OK. And yes, cousin Jeannie does want to sing the baritone sax solo. Please don't say no, it would hurt her feelings so.

Finally we have built our own musical instruments (It's kind of a hobby with us) and we would appreciate if you would use our instruments. None of them are based upon a 12 tone scale or on common harmonics, but our 5 year old son tells us it's not really that hard to transpose once you understand the physics.

We would be happy to pay each member an extra $25 for any inconvenience.
Thank you and don't be late!

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