Dienstag, 12. August 2008

Malekko 600B - a discussion

Malekko 600b - Tone Factor product details

Right now there is a discussion about this pedal at Harmony Central.

As always in these discussion I threw my 0.2 cents in about tap tempo and
why so few delay builders incorporate this in their pedals.

This is what malekko himself had to say:

"When adding tap tempo to a delay, all your affecting is the rate of the clock. It has no bearing on the analog signal path.
We have a few tap tempo pedals were working on now including the elusive E1200"

"hopefully december"

Finally it seems the wait for a fantastic sounding analog delay with tap tempo
has an end. Right now I am asking for built-in modulation (footswitch).

This could very well be the best delay out there!

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