Dienstag, 5. August 2008

Keeler Designs Shove Incoming

According to a thread at ToneFactor forums:
Keeler Designs Shove incoming
the brandnew pedal called 'Shove' from Keeler Designs will be available soon.

Rob Keeler himself described the pedal as follows:

"It has 4 controls. Volume, Gain, Structure, and Tone.

The Tone and Structure controls are pretty cool. They are very interactive and allow for a whole bunch of different textures, tones and eq. You really need to play this pedal to get a feel for what they do.

The Volume control has a bunch of boost on tap. I put a bit more available boost on my pedals than most. The reason being sometimes I just want to hit the front end of a tube amp hard.

The Gain control goes from gritty clean to distortion. There are pedals out there with more distortion but I've never found a need for more than what the Shove has on tap. I only put out pedals that I would use on my pedalboard.

This pedal cleans up from the guitar volume knob. This is must for me. I'll often leave pedals on the whole time and get different tones out of them by riding the volume knob.

The picture doesn't show it but the paint job is a translucent red with metal flake sparkle. Very cool looking.

I think it's distortion is more open than compressed. I did this so it would clean up and you'd get more dynamics out of it. Although if you stack it Pull -> Shove -> Amp.......you can get those sounds."

Sounds like an awesome pedal, looking forward for some clips.
More later ...

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