Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

GAS or obsessive compulsive disorder

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (sometimes Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, both abbreviated to GAS) is a term used to describe an urge to acquire and accumulate lots of gear.
The term "GAS" was coined by Walter Becker in 1996 in his article G.A.S. in Guitar Player as "Guitar Acquisition Syndrome". The term started to be frequently used by guitarists and spread out to other musicians who were familiar with similar tendencies. As it no longer concerns guitars only, GAS is now commonly backronym

GAS is similar in many ways to obsessive compulsive disorder

GAS hasn't received any major medical attention yet GAS is not a clinical condition, but a psychological .

Further information:

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Dienstag, 15. Juli 2008

Mojo Hand Copperhead Dual Boost - Review

Mojo Hand Copperhead - Tone Factor Product Details

The Copperhead has two fully independant channels
which can be used seperately or cascaded together.
Either side can be used for either clean boost
or set for a light amount of grit.

It is possible to get an overdrive-like sound
by cranking boost a and cascading it into boost b.
But it is more for boosting than overdrives

The Copperhead has a tight, spanky fender-ish sound.
It is open. Very open and uncompressed.

UncleSlam demo video of the Copperhead: