Donnerstag, 7. August 2008

Update on reviews Copperhead and Liquid Sunshine

This is an update to the reviews of the
Subdecay Liquid Sunshine and
Mojohand Copperhead

As I wrote the review on the Liquid Sunshine I noticed in the description, that it is supposed to take boosters well. I have only used the LS as a booster itself, until yesterday.

So I tried the combination of Copperhead boosting Liquid Sunshine. Settings were on the LS: upper drive knob 9 o'clock, lower drive knob 3 o'clock Settings on the Copperhead: volume from 12 to max, gain max on one side

The result was absolutely amazing, you get clear, smooth, defined and transparent overdrive at its best. There are a lot of pedals that claim to sound like that one special amp (you know it starts with dum and ends with ble) and I had them all (I still own a few of them). None of them could shake a stick at the Liquid Sunshine - Copperhead combination!

The real fun started as I engaged the second boost stage on the Copperhead. The sound stayed clear, smooth and transparent but began to sing and sustain, unlike anything I have ever heard before in an overdrive pedal.

This combination gets 6 of possible 5 stars from me :-)

Subdecay Liquid Sunshine - Tone Factor Product Details

Mojohand Copperhead - Tone Factor Product Details

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