Samstag, 9. August 2008

Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive - Review

Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive - Tone Factor product details

The Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive is a germanium based overdrive. It creates an open, uncompressed overdrive with excellent sustain via a NOS germanium transistor and 2 germanium diodes. When it reaches top gain, it creates an excellent singing marshall-esqe fuzz tone.

It is a great sounding overdrive that has plenty of dynamics and retains the high end when you back the volume down.

The sounds one can obtain with this pedal go from Rangemaster-style (with a litte more drive) with the gain at minimum, to a overdriven sound that is well known from those vintage Marshall amps at full bore, with the gain at max.
It works wonders on single coils and sounds great on open chords.
Lots of volume on tap as well.
It has a wonderful brite and raw (but not brittle) tone.

Tone Factor Demo Video of the Crimson Drive:

Additional Soundclips:

Max Gain
Half Gain
Light Gain

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