Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Lovepedal COT50 Gold - Review

Lovepedal COT50 Gold - Tone Factor Product Details

The COT50 simulates a cranked vintage Marshall at the lower gain settings and a nasty fuzz tone at the upper end. The COT50 GOLD adds a new flavor to the classic COT 50, Master Volume and a Vintage Tone Stack. A pedal you can leave on all the time and get a diverse range of tones just by varying your guitar volume knob.

This unit can give you that magical Plexi tone regardless of amp make and model.

Glassy cleans, nice crunch, or a nice overdriven sound - think classic Billy Gibbons, SRV clean with just a bit of hair.

And it is a pefect stacker (see video).
Try any overdrive or especially fuzzes with the COT in front.
Maybe one of the best non-boost boost pedals ever.

Tone Factor demo video of the COT50 pushing a fuzz:

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